KULAPADI, a lighthearted entertainment page, was started by Vinsia in October 2018. 

The word Kulapadi means "mischievous," or "trouble-maker" and stems from the word "kulappam" which means disruption. Many Tamil parents would call their misbehaving children Kulapadi, to the point were some kids would think it's a second name for them.

KULAPADI was a word used in a negative light, but now, Vinsia hopes to encourage people to embrace their inner kulapadi, and be silly and in the moment from time to time.

About the creator : Vinsia is currently a Creative Director, Photographer, Creator and more!  She spends most of her time thinking of ideas, puns, and the rest of it daydreaming about TR and Gaptain. Follow her creative journey HERE , and follow her entertainment journey HERE .

All proceeds from this website will go to fund Vinsia's creative projects, professional projects, and well.. MORE KULAPADI VIDEOS! 

A message from Vinsia 

Thank you for supporting me by buying merchandise.  Your kind messages, support and love is more than enough, but when you invest in something I create, it encourages me to keep going and to never give up! #ForeverGrateful

- Love, Vinsia aka Kulapadi